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Allo', I'm ook? A slightly confused person who often wonders why I do what I do for a career.

By day I'm a Quantity Surveyor, Don't ask, but lets just say it's a damned dull job, but it pay's to keep me in a house in Reading, Berks & a large stock of CD's, I discovered recently that's it's not as large as I thought....damn it!

By night I try to find interesting things to do rather than sit in front of the box......so i end up i front of a computer screen!

Once a month the nice people let me out to Electrocute, which is part of the Reading's TUC Rock Night Specialist Blue Room set up. HUZZAH! It's ace after a shitty week at work I get to play loud music to lots of people who like the music I like!

I'm married to Nora (bless her she puts up with a lot with me), She's from Dresden....I love Germany, they have such an amazing music scene there.

I have a Son, Culann, who's 6 at the end of March. I don't remember being that active at his age! But he's at school, doing well, he's a bundle of fun & I can understand most of what he says....even when in German!
The other one arrived at the beginning of October & now I have a baby Daughter called Niamh. (Pronounced Neev to any of you uneducated miscreants! :P)

Oh, I also like games, boards games, computer games, table top wargames & anything else of the Geek variety....see if I care if you mock!