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17th May, 2008


In ecstacy!!


Nuff said :)

15th May, 2008


WGT 2008

So, I've finally decided to post a few bits up about the weekend, as I have finally found time after in amongst reading everyone elses!

The fact remains, I love Germany. It's a great country, with great beer, great music & life's pretty good there all in all. (OK, I grant you they really do need to work on their customer service a little, my wife, who is German, so I am allowed to say this, are somewhat blunt & sometimes typically have the manners in dealing with issues of a grumpy rhinocerous which has somehow been stung on it's anus).

Still, that aside wasn't the WGT great this year.....even if I had a poor day to band ratio. In fact I stayed an extra night this year to catch the opening parties, saw less bands than last year & have a worse band to day ratio.....I truely need to learn to how to get out of bed on time!

So Thursday, opening party. Finally met & spoke to Monsieur Weeks, somewhere between sets & after he'd had several drinks.....
Greetings Steve, nice to meet you.
Friday.....failed to see any bands.......major bad headache & blocked synnuses........bailed early.
Saturday, felt much better & failed to see Reaper, they were good apparently, but then so was Hocico. Good to see Covenant for the 1st time, although disappointed that he manaaged to forget words to one of the club classic's......
Sunday, I arrived at PArkbuhne to in time for Kloq, who were really very good. Followed by Inertia, who weren't. Tactical Sekt arrived to recover the situation & then Neuroticfish who was just fucking amazing!
Monday, I managed to see Deviant UK, who I thought were really good. Wonder why I needed to go to Germany to see them. But given some of the acts, at least they really wanted to entertain to audience & I think they did.
Saw Gothika out of curiosity. Would have been happier if the singer hadn't. The chap with the music box was mad & loved it. Great beats, great music.....then came the singing, which really I didn't take to.
I tried to catch Necessary Response, but the venue at Morris the Bastard just isn't big enough, nor cool enough, so I heard a song & went to get beer....& then a cocktail...or 4 ...or 5.

Best of all, was meeting all the people I met last year, plus new faces & bumping into familiar faces from the UK I ddn't know were going.
Mark (An Englishman in New York), Douglas (Mad Aussie), Lawrence (Mad American), Deviant UK, Skinjob, Stuart & Tan, Horny Simon, Mr Weeks, his mate Jurgen to name but a few. It was a good weekend.
Same again next year then!

8th May, 2008


A trip to Leipzig!

Well, after I enjoyed last years WGt so much, I've just booked my flight & hotel for 2008's!
This year I am planning to go to leipzig a day earlier & join my friends on the "Americans in Leipzig" dinner the night before it all kicks off.
I get the idea that this now should really be the united Nation in Leipzig dinner, as it consists of american, canadian, brits, dutch & norweigan's to name but a few.

Looking forward to this 4 day event of crazy partying till the sun comes up again!
In fact I managed to get back to the hotel as others are heading of to work in the morning.

Should be a good 'un....even if bands haven't been confirmed, I'll be intending to see Neuroticfish's swansong.

If you haven't ever been, go. It's one hell of a different experience!

14th Apr, 2008


For all you experts out there....

I need some advice & help.

Electrocute has been going pretty well so far...at least I think so, apart from the bands, who eat into the Blue rooms time to do Electrocute, but I need to be spreading the word even more in an effort to prove to the venue, the night will be better without the bands, giving scope for guest DJ's etc.

Thoughts, help & advice much appreciated.....

7th Apr, 2008


Electrocute 4am Special!!!!!

Updated Electrocute
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4th Feb, 2008


Infest 2008!

As if the purchase of the WGT ticket wasn't enough, now I've gone & ordered my Infest ticket & I don't even care who the line up is.....

Ps, tickets are currently £5 off if you order now......

1st Feb, 2008


All aboard for Leipzig!!!

Well, that's gone & done it now.
Having already sorted flights & a hotel, now the tickets have gone on sale & I have just ordered & paid for mine for the WGT 2008!
So that's me on a defo for the WGT this year now & no mistake :)

I feel awesomely bouncy already!!

I wonder who I will bump into this year???

4th Jan, 2008



As part of the TUC Friday Night Rock Night, In Reading, Once a month we bring you!:


Thanks to 2nd_Skin for the flyer :P

13th Dec, 2007


NOOOOOO!!! No more Neuroticfish!

If there's ever a reason for me to get the hell over to Leipzig this year for the WGT this is now it!

Neuroticfish Goodbye Concert at WGT 2008
Published by \\C\V/R//7.0
We just got the news that Neuroticfish is finally calling it quits. It has been a bit quiet around the band the last few years since their release Gelb in 2005, but the official announcement has just been published that Neuroticfish will do a special goodbye performance at next year's Wave Gotik Treffen which takes place from 9-13 may 2008.

In the early 90ies Sascha Mario Klein decided to bring his alter ego Neuroticfish to life - inspired by bands like Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode. Fed up with the typical artistic differences between him and other musicians he quit his former band-activities. From this point on he concentrated his creativity to his neurotic visions and Neuroticfish was born.

12th Dec, 2007


Bleep is getting a run at the TUC.

Yep, I'm at least going to appease my need to DJ and keep my hand in.
I've managed to land a once a month night at the TUC rock night for the blue room for more industrial/EBM/Bleep from January!

That should keep all you bleep fans happy!.....I know I'm chuffed to bits about it.

so, 1st night will be 25th January by the looks of it, as it will be the last Friday of every month.

Huzzah! I say!

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