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October 2008



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I hate labelling people. I dislike revelling in good achievements. I like to get on with my job, head below the parapet & just get on with things.

Therefore Friday made me feel wholly uncomfortable. The project I am working on has gone very well. The margin a considerable increase on original figures. So people are very happy. In fact now they're all labelling me their star surveyor....& god how I hate it. It puts your head above the parapet & then people expect you to achieve stuff all the time....dammit!

On other news, I now have just purchased a professional CD recorder on Ebay. Something to keep me busy in the next few weeks with a few mix CD's I think :)

& I also have another lead into a club, fingers crossed, if it gets it's 3rd room they want to try an industrial room amongst others....

Oh god & the shriek I have just heard now tells me my wife has just bought a piano.......

Where's that credit crunch again?


All good news as I see it. As long as you don't get swept up in it all and take on more new responsibilities than you want. Instead, sit back and revel in things going well. And expect and plan for more of the same :)

Credit crunch in the Ook household... no comment ;)
LMAO! I haven't been drinking you know, it makes the likelyhood of soap box ranting about 100% less likely :P

As to the rest, yes I could, but it doesn't make me feel any more comfortable.
lol tomatos! i luv ur? vids!
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