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October 2008



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Dairy update

So 2 1/2 week into a dairy free (Or as much as I could manage) and I have to confess it does seem to have made some difference, albeit in the last few days.

It's still not right giving up cheese. I love cheese. ....hmmmm lovely cheese....but I do want to feel better & it's not quite been as bad as I expected.

Black coffee has been ok & I even found a saya milk that didn't taste too bad......pity it's the most expensive.

Sadly still not having ice cream, which is just wrong! Wrong I tell you........

Damn that Nurse, why can't it e Dairy free with several scoops of ice cream thown in dammit!

Anyway, I wet back swimming this morning & I have to exercise more so that getting fitter also helps the ol' lungs.....

Fingers crossed eh?


Seems like a strange design flaw that things which taste good are bad for you!

I mean pain is your body's way of saying you shouldn't do something, so why couldn't foods which aren't so good for you taste just a bit yukky? And shouldn't it make sense for lettuce to taste orgasmic?

Good work on the exercise front. Swimming rocks.
You would like to think food worked that way. Disappointingly though, we all know it doesn't work quite like that :(

Yeah, the swimming is great & the pool's quite nice compared to other options.
Will see what happens when I have to go to another project though.....
There's always sorbet :)
ducks flying object
Don't get me wrong. I like sorbet.
But it's just not luxury triple chocolate ice creams.

**Struggles to find anything to throw**

Dammit! Thwarted twice on the same post!