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October 2008



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Dealing without Dairy

Last Tuesday I had to go for an occupational health screening.

Hearing good. Eye sight what it was, heart rate low as usual (48bpm)
Colestral 4.24 (Good needs to be less than 5.2) Blood pressure ok.

However, on the theory of my Asthma & Catarrh, I been suggested to live without diary products for 1-3 weeks to see if it makes any difference!!!!

I decided today to take the plunge 7 get it over with!

Holy shit! How many produts have something in them which may have lactose etc in them.....I think I'm likely to lose a little weight in the next 3 weks, as all my favourite go out the window!

Does anyone know what soya milk tastes like?

So no cereal at present, no milk in drinks, no cheese....NO BLOODY ICE CREAM!!!!!

After this, due to the IBS stomach complaint, I have to cut out Wheat to see if I have an intolerance to that too!

Jesus H Christ on a bioke, next time you see me I may be half the man I was.

ps: Black coffee tastes fine :) ....black tea doesn't :(


Without Dairy

I like Soya Milk and use it instead of normal milk its slightly sweeter and tastes great in tea but curdles if you pour it in coffee. It's very good as a subsitute in milky puds and steamed in Lattes and Capuchinos due to it's sweetness.

Dairy free cheese is awful you are better off not bothering with it. As is Gluten free bread. No Dairy and Gluten will help your IBS and Cattarh. Singers often go without Dairy to stop any mucus build up affecting the vocal chords. But not likely to help Asthma. Eating lots of apples is meant to help with that and if I come up with anything else I will let you know. My Aunt might be able to chuck me some herbal tea recipes that should help. She is a Roma Healer. Let me know if you have any allergies first though.

Re: Without Dairy

Allegies: - Dust, pollen, animal hair, feathers...it's enough I think.

The next 1-3 weeks depending on how long I hold out are going to be interesting.....if not a little dull.
I look forward to the weight loss though.

I will avoid the cheese.

Rather disappointingly, my wife has had cheese on toast the last 2 days.... :(

She did say she'd go without milk in her coffee though 8O
Soya milk is alright, has more protein than regular milk, which is kinda cool. I found I prefer the "So Good" range to Alpro, so do try different brands to see if there's one you like :)

On the subject of ice cream, Stewart suggests sorbet :p

Good luck!
Yeah, I'll give em a try. The one I have tastes like full fat milk, which I haven't drunk in years & tastes way to thick.

I'd like to find something like semi-skimmed to keep me happy.

Tell Stewart "Thanks" Sorbet vs a 99!..... Sorbet just doesn't win out :P
Don't have much of a choice though