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October 2008



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An Eventful Weekend

Phew, what a busy weekend that turned out to be.

busy Busy Busy

Friday Evening I decided to pop down to the TUC to check on a few things for Electrocute.
1) So now I have definately confirmed that the bands will no longer be on an Electrcoute night. Always worth checking as Sharon was supposed to speak to Buk & Skit & you never know what happens to put a spanner in the works.
2) Electrocute in December will actually be delayed for New Years Eve! Par-ty! Par-ty!
3) I desperately need to sort flyers for Electrocute!

Amongst other things, I watched bags of blue flashies heading into Reading centre, which was later described as a warzone. I'm quite happy to be in the alt scene. These things never seem to happen with it in the main.

I've also embarked on getting a web site together, for which I am currently writing the content for. Watch this space, it will be a very useful tool for me.

Saturday I headed off for my mate Chris' stag(ish) do. We'd got him very very drunk on the Monday, so this was the sophistimacated end of the deal.

So we started at "Go-Ape" Go Ape - Adventure playground 40ft up in the trees!!!
I pretty much hate heights, I get really bad sweaty hands & cramps in my feet. BUt i was determined to do it to try help get me over the issue & it's not as if I wasn't clipped on with a harness.
Result: One amazing afternoon in the trees, including zip slides & leaping out of tree on a tarzan swing, all of which I never used to be able to do......I don't intent to do parachuting or bungy jumping though, I'm not that mad!

Saturday evening we spent at the Shanpan Restaurant in Reading (Where Nora & I had our wedding reception). Nice to see the owners again & once again, just the best Chinese restaurant IMHO in Reading & many other places. You just can't fault the food.

A quiter day taking the kids swimming with friends & their kids at the Rivermead centre & then home, where the weather once again finally allowed those lovely doors I put on the extention to be opened up & we could appreciate the sun.

Today I still ache from Go Ape, but now I just want to do it all over again. not only that, they have another 16 sites to try out :) Including one with a zip slide 35m high at the start & 426m long! Now that would be awesome!

Quiet weekend next weekend? POf course not, it's just in time for Electrocute :) Par-ty par-ty!


Sounds like an action packed weekend. I've done the Bracknell Go Ape and it is massive fun. There's something about having that safety harness on which seems to banish all fear of heights. I remember standing on the edge of one of the platforms and it suddenly occured to me that without the harness I would have been petrified, yet I barely batted an eyelid.

Good news about Electrocute, nice to see it gathering momentum. Good job. Maybe me 'n the lady will drag ourselves out of Londontown one of these months ;)
Yes, I guess the harness does help, but a few years ago I may still have bottled it, as one chap ahead of us did.

Yeah, come down, the fact it's on longer is going to make it better, although I must confess it probably won't be to my of Gigi's taste ;P
A bit too harsh maybe......just not all the time....