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October 2008



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Tonight has again proven to me how volatile my temper currently is for the smallest, stupidest things. I stopped drinking for a reason, I was sure my temper wasn't the reason, but it certainly seems to fuel it. Maybe tonight has demonstrated that I shouldn't do it anymore.

Despite things seemingly going really well with work, home & DJ'ing, I somehow feel that things aren't right with me, but I have no answers as to why. I have everything people could wish for. Bright, happy kids, nice home, understanding wife, yet somehow within myself there rages something which just burns away at me & doesn't feel happy.

Tonight yet again, one person proved to be a big friend, even in the face of my intolerance. I know I have one other, at least I think so, but of the other people I know, I'm pretty sure I don't know who to count on & actually count as a friend.

They say you meet may people in your lifes pathway, but from this, only 2-3 of them will be true friends and the rest, aquaintances that pass in the night, maybe longer if your luck holds. I'm not comfortable with this alleged fact.

I've hit one of those times when I wish I wasn't here & I really really don't like it.


Chin up matey. Need a chat then give me a shout/email, though best not discuss the state of the world economy after a few beers eh?!
Seems to me I just ought not to drink....I get boisterously argumentative with all it leads to.

Not a good combo really....
generally i experience the same feeling of only having a small group of people i can trust with my problems too...everyone else just seems to be acquaintances and well wishers.All very nice people and good to have a laugh with but not normally there if u have a REAL problem. I personally think that is just quite simply life as it is.I also sometimes think that as u get older u become more cynical about peoples motives i think...after all it appears sometimes that some men only have relationships with each other just to get something they need out of them. Chin up m8 and sorry i cant make the next electrocute...im in london on my stag do the same nite.
Cheers for the message. It's appreciated & very true.

No worries about Electrocute. At least you're only missing the last one with the bands! Next month! 6 whole hours!!!

I saw something about Fright Nite & you though, but didn't get the rota Rex put round. Which week in the month will you be on there?
think im 2nd wednesday in the month m8 :)