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October 2008



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Friday had a shock in store for me & Electrocute

Yes, on the back of a grand night Friday, at which people seemed to bounce round the dance floor for ages, I was also revelling in the fact I'd been told earlier in the evening, that as from 31st October, there will be no more Bands on the last Friday of the month!

Ok, Buk & Skit guys seemed to think differently, abut they are moving to fortnightly & I have spoken to Sharon @ the TUC to make sure B&S know they can't have the last Friday of the month!

So all in all, another step closer to world domination!! Mwah hah hah hah hah!

Now with 6 hours to play with, it's a whole new ball game to look at, space for Guest DJ's at last.

Added to this, I've been offered the blue room to run Electrocute on New years eve this year.
Can it get any better???


Yes, you're right it can.
I have a few DJ's to contact now!
Guest spots galore....assuming the owner will fund it! :S
Awesome :) I need to find the funds to come on down again. Maybe for Hallowe'en. >:)

I wish I could guest DJ at it. XD But I'm too inexperienced.
Well, I have someone else coming to may be do the warm up. If you give me enough notice & could get in for 9pm, may be we could arrange something....

I can get there for 9 easily. What kind of gear do you use though? I'm something of a noob but keen and apparently choose good sets. :P

Regardless I will try and be there!
ok, well, when you come to visit, we'll have a chat about it, may be something for in the new year?
I've 2 oither volunteers now, so we'll see how it all pans out. Be good to have some travelling people back :)
Score! That'll make it a lot easier to persuade people to come long distance. Now if you can just get Sharon to put a better dancefloor down...
Better dance floor?
You know they've only done it fairly recently..

Talk about pushing your luck :P
In the red room yeah, but the blue room has a seriously not good on the feet/spine old-fashioned tile floor.

Not that I actually expect them to fix it mind
Yay! No bands! I'll try and make it to the next one mate, just been very busy at work and with all the wedding preparations. I'm so pleased about New Year, as I said I'll mention it to all the others as I'm sure they will be up for going.
Yeah, I can guess the wedding is diverting rather a lot of energy.

Would be good to see you down. Work & wedding has to come 1st though (Generally speaking).

Glad to have the time scale for the evening is actually deserves looking at how many people do turn up & at least technical problems can be dealt with before people arrive in future.....well, after September, 1 more night to go for Bands....
Good news indeed. Nice to see the momentum building :)
Indeed, it was a really good bit of news...