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October 2008



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3 weeks ago I had a blood pressure warning from the opticians. On a technical term, my blood vessel on the retina had "gone all wiggly". What with that and the recent asthma/hayfever combo, I'd been feelig a bit sorry for myself & absolutely shattered, as I was at Electrocute on Friday & really didn't feel too inspired overall. It was quite frustrating, especially afer May's technical problems with my decks skipping all over the place.
Still, today I took them to the Denon doctor's, hopefully it's nothig more than a service required.

A trip to the quacks produced a better esult & the blood pressure isn't high as such. Good news, although I could do with lowering it a bit.

Also knowing that all the stress in the last 12 months or so, house, baby, shit job to new job hasn't helped me get my head together, I found eating became a habit.
So, knowing I've become a fat bastard again....(shush! That bit doesn't need comment) & after much prevaricating about it, yesterday I finally took the plunge again & went back to the gym.
I didn't over do it. Surprisingly, as I normally do & this morning I didn't ache too much.....so at 6.30am.....yes I didn't know that time existed either!.....I went for a swim the following morning too.

I was feeling pretty good about it all, managed another gym trip & a swim, then chasing my son round the house larking about at the weekend I hurt my calf muscle. Today I made a dash through the rain to the car & made it worse.....I'm not enjoying this getting old shit. I'm not ready to lie down & pack it all in.

Asthma has been playing up too. This was getting better, but this weekend it's all flaired up again & I feel like shit.
Don't now how I will ever get fit in time for Infest now.
Almost feel like I'm wasting my time......which just ebds up making me feel even worse.....it's all a bit of a vicious circle at the moment.