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19th Oct, 2008


(no subject)

I hate labelling people. I dislike revelling in good achievements. I like to get on with my job, head below the parapet & just get on with things.

Therefore Friday made me feel wholly uncomfortable. The project I am working on has gone very well. The margin a considerable increase on original figures. So people are very happy. In fact now they're all labelling me their star surveyor....& god how I hate it. It puts your head above the parapet & then people expect you to achieve stuff all the time....dammit!

On other news, I now have just purchased a professional CD recorder on Ebay. Something to keep me busy in the next few weeks with a few mix CD's I think :)

& I also have another lead into a club, fingers crossed, if it gets it's 3rd room they want to try an industrial room amongst others....

Oh god & the shriek I have just heard now tells me my wife has just bought a piano.......

Where's that credit crunch again?

14th Oct, 2008


Dairy update

So 2 1/2 week into a dairy free (Or as much as I could manage) and I have to confess it does seem to have made some difference, albeit in the last few days.

It's still not right giving up cheese. I love cheese. ....hmmmm lovely cheese....but I do want to feel better & it's not quite been as bad as I expected.

Black coffee has been ok & I even found a saya milk that didn't taste too bad......pity it's the most expensive.

Sadly still not having ice cream, which is just wrong! Wrong I tell you........

Damn that Nurse, why can't it e Dairy free with several scoops of ice cream thown in dammit!

Anyway, I wet back swimming this morning & I have to exercise more so that getting fitter also helps the ol' lungs.....

Fingers crossed eh?

27th Sep, 2008


Dealing without Dairy

Last Tuesday I had to go for an occupational health screening.

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23rd Sep, 2008


An Eventful Weekend

Phew, what a busy weekend that turned out to be.

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16th Sep, 2008



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1st Sep, 2008


Friday had a shock in store for me & Electrocute

Yes, on the back of a grand night Friday, at which people seemed to bounce round the dance floor for ages, I was also revelling in the fact I'd been told earlier in the evening, that as from 31st October, there will be no more Bands on the last Friday of the month!

Ok, Buk & Skit guys seemed to think differently, abut they are moving to fortnightly & I have spoken to Sharon @ the TUC to make sure B&S know they can't have the last Friday of the month!

So all in all, another step closer to world domination!! Mwah hah hah hah hah!

Now with 6 hours to play with, it's a whole new ball game to look at, space for Guest DJ's at last.

Added to this, I've been offered the blue room to run Electrocute on New years eve this year.
Can it get any better???

11th Jul, 2008


technical issues resolved!

Recently Electrocute was dogged by technical problems, with disc's skipping & all sorts of silly shit.
Turns out the deck's feeder mechanisms were shot. So currently they're in being repaired.
I should have them back in time for July's Electrocute on the 25th!!!

Just in time for the new CD's which dropped through my door this morning.

SAM - Destruction Unit
Angelspit - Blood Death Ivory
Kloq - Move Forward
Straftanz - Tanz Kaputt EP
Straftanz - Forward ever, backward never
Red Cell - Lead or follow
Stray - Abuse by proxy
Combichrist - Frost EP: Sent to destroy

This month is going to be a very good month :P

9th Jul, 2008


Electrocute turns BLUE!!!!

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8th Jul, 2008


(no subject)

3 weeks ago I had a blood pressure warning from the opticians. On a technical term, my blood vessel on the retina had "gone all wiggly". What with that and the recent asthma/hayfever combo, I'd been feelig a bit sorry for myself & absolutely shattered, as I was at Electrocute on Friday & really didn't feel too inspired overall. It was quite frustrating, especially afer May's technical problems with my decks skipping all over the place.
Still, today I took them to the Denon doctor's, hopefully it's nothig more than a service required.

A trip to the quacks produced a better esult & the blood pressure isn't high as such. Good news, although I could do with lowering it a bit.

Also knowing that all the stress in the last 12 months or so, house, baby, shit job to new job hasn't helped me get my head together, I found eating became a habit.
So, knowing I've become a fat bastard again....(shush! That bit doesn't need comment) & after much prevaricating about it, yesterday I finally took the plunge again & went back to the gym.
I didn't over do it. Surprisingly, as I normally do & this morning I didn't ache too much.....so at 6.30am.....yes I didn't know that time existed either!.....I went for a swim the following morning too.

I was feeling pretty good about it all, managed another gym trip & a swim, then chasing my son round the house larking about at the weekend I hurt my calf muscle. Today I made a dash through the rain to the car & made it worse.....I'm not enjoying this getting old shit. I'm not ready to lie down & pack it all in.

Asthma has been playing up too. This was getting better, but this weekend it's all flaired up again & I feel like shit.
Don't now how I will ever get fit in time for Infest now.
Almost feel like I'm wasting my time......which just ebds up making me feel even worse.....it's all a bit of a vicious circle at the moment.

17th May, 2008


WGT 2009

Does not look like it'll be cooler than this year, judging by the dates:

29th May - 1st June...Warm warm warm!!!!

Now I have over a year to lose a shit load of weight again!

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